Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Favor please? ;)

Hi. :) Yes I know, I've abandon my poor blog. Heeh. Well, I'm getting really busy and lazy you see. One of the things that I'm busy with is the Kitschen competition in Facebook! Help vote please? (: This is how; first go to and "become a fan". And then, go to and "like" it! It's just as easy as ABC! So yeah, help? Thank you. (:

28th October 2009; 9:40p.m.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hi, I am toobi. (:

Helleww. :D Well, I did nothing much this whole week and I feel so dumb! Finals are just next Tuesday! Ahhh!

Anyway, celebrated Mooncake Festival over at Boon Ben's last Saturday and we had lots of fun!
Celebrated James's 17th on Tuesday and Wednesday baby treated me on lunch at Pasta de Gohan for our 3years5months. The food was delicious and we had fun eating together there. (: Had my first Interact meeting on Thursday with the Rotarians and District Governor. At first I was really nervous about it, but later on I felt more comfortable as they're really friendly. ;) Will do much better in the next meeting as I start to feel fine around them already. :D Yesterday, went over to baby's place to cook for him.

Did I tell you I'm currently addicted to Cafe World and Pet Society!? Hahaha. Lameee, I know. But I like okay? It's been awhile since I last played computer games. I'm so into it until I cheered for my pet to race and I got so stressed up when my customers are going away as I have not enough stove to cook food fast enough. LOLOLOL. Crazy I know. :P

Alright, I gotta go back to the game! :D Toodles!

10th October 2009; 3:45p.m.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Please VOTE! (:

Hi world. :) I'm here just to do a short update. My friend, Ameen, and I joined a contest organized by Kitschen. The person who get's the most "like" will win. So please, help me! First, go to and be a fan, then go to and click "like". Please ignore the other picture of us, we accidently uploaded 2 pictures. Thank you very much for the support! :D

4th October 2009; 8:43p.m.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hello. (:

School holidays are back for another week, hahaha. Oh well, I'm actually here to share my happiness! :D Yesyes, I'm too happy to be true. This was what happened, I just had my recess and I went up to class sitting and resting. All of a sudden, Ameen and Vila came in and called him. Then he looked at me and gave me a bigwide smile asking me to go to him. So I went forward and he slowly opened a "scroll", showed it in my face! I looked at it and saw my name written at the top, I got the President post for Interact Club of SMKUSJ4 year 2010! I screamed and everyone gave me a hug. (: Well, maybe to some of you it's not a big deal, but I'm just happy. Not having any intentions to boast aight. ;) I've never, NEVER, thought that I would end up with this post. I joined Interact was for the sake of Ameen and I wasn't even thattt committed last year. Seriously, I'm as if dreaming okay! I'm also happy that my incoming BOD is filled with supportive, hardworking and cooperative people. Also, all are my friends. (: I'm very excited to work with them and make the BEST year. Thank you to all who supported and voted for me, I truly appreciate each and every one. :) Now, both the President's of Interact and Leo is in my class.
Ellisa and I! ;D Hahaha. We hang out together and sit few tables away. I bet next year will be the BOMB!

Next, final exams are coming closer and I've not studied a single word. :D SPM is also around the corner. ;\ Alright, till then. Byeee.

1st October 2009; 5:30p.m.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Genting Highlands! :D

Hiho! Ngeeek. :D So as seen, I was back from Genting yesterday! The excitement is still in me till this very moment, lol. I'll cut short. Slept at 2 something and woke up at 5:30 to prepare breakfast for baby. Got prepared and got up the car on 6:51. Met up with the others and off we go. First car - Kelvin, YingXin, AiPing, Baby and I. Second car - Anthony, WeiHeng, Garry and Andrew. Third car - Tharan, James and HweiXian. Fourth car - YongSeng, BoonBen, Edward, MaiMai, RuiWen and YanYee. Fifth car - Tony, Stephanie Lee and Elaine. Had breakfast at Gohtong Jaya around 8ish. Headed in First World to get tickets and entered theme park. Had rides after rides, but overall I only had 5rides. For your info, I'm afraid of rides. I had Ferris Wheel, Super Toboggon, Pirate Ship, Gold Miner (if I'm not mistaken) and best of all, Antique Car! :D Some random unknown people sibuk get into our picture. -_- Wanted to go back at 7, but heavy rain came pouring down and the mist was just too thick to be true. It was scary and dangerous. So we waited till it's clearer and slowly drove down. Everyone was safely landed in KL. (: Had dinner before going home. THANK YOU VERYTREMENDOUSLY MUCH, KELVIN! ;) Most of us had sunburn and FYI, it's the first time I'm getting sunburned. ;\ I'll leave the rest to the pictures;
First picture of the day. Shell's toilet.
Waiting for the others.
Kelvin with his ride.
Start moving! :DAnthony's.
Yong Seng's.
Stopped for a little rest.Seng.Us waiting in the car.
Continuing our journey up to Genting! :DSo exciteddd!!!Got more excited when we saw this and we go hoohaa! ;D
The taiko's.Stopped at Gohtong Jaya for breakfast.
Huge moth on Tharan's car.
Accidently got killed by James and Kelvin went all angry and emo. Lol.Towards the top!Ahhhh!
At the carpark.The Tan Siblings.
Us! :D
While waiting for the others to park their car.Models of Genting?
Guess who? Anthony and YingXin, Haha.
On the escalator heading towards the Theme Park!While waiting for me to get tickets.
First ride, Cork Screw, so called "warm up". Not for me ;\
Random shot while waiting for them.They're out, and they seem happy. Hahaha.Went for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th round. -_-Elaine.
Then the Space Shot!Random cutie. (:While their waiting for their hot air balloon, haha.
My first ride, Ferris Wheel. That's more like a WARM UP! :DWhile waiting for the others to get down.

Us waiting for the Spinner! :
Hot sun. -_-
Chubby Garry.
Ah Seng.WeiHeng.YingXin and James.
Lovestruck.Spinning!Randoms.Waiting for Super Toboggon!Tony's.
Stephanie's :D
See how stress Tharan is? Over weight people, lol.Anthony jakooning on his car.
Mememe! :D I was scared of the bumpy wheels at the end, heeh.
Bears!Waiting for Pirate Ship.
On it! Mind me, I was scared. -_-Randoms.
Waiting "stressfully" for Antique Car, hahaha.I drive! :D
Mine and baby's.Isn't Garry cute? ;)The gangsters'.Kelvin, Stephanie, Elaine and Tony.
Hahaha, I look so serious driving.
Happiness ;D
Excitement!We caused the jam! The people at the back was complaining, lol.Water!
Still got time look around when it's already so jam. ;P
On the way to 5th round of Cork Skrew. -_-Hahaha, so cute.
We occupy half of the seats, hahaha.
Heavy rain!
Had a rest to warm ourselves.

Then went indoor for rock climbing.
Waiting for their turn.
Baby first,Then YongSeng the Cicak Man,
And lastly, Anthony.

Baby climbed highest! :DDD After climbing, YanYee told Anthony that she dropped his shades into the fish pond. So we rushed to the fish pond to get it back.
On the way to the fish pond, lol.
Fishing for the shades, lol.
While waiting for them to search.Heading to the carpark, last few shots in the theme park.In the car! :D

I was seperated with baby for about 45minutes and everything went so panic. He went with YongSeng and I went with Kelvin. They drove down a little and we're still in the carpark waiting due to the thick mist. I was so afraid that I couldn't meet him anymore. Uhhhh..... Thank God we met a random Uncle who could lead us down to meet them. So that's about it. (: Byebye.

After the heavy rain.
See the difference? Hahaha.

It's so funny how things are so different. It was foolish for you to be afraid to approach. I wanted to meet you, but you totally avoided like a coward. I bet you wont be as stupid as me to cry over the past that we've been through together. Oh well, I know who you are deep inside. (:

25th-27th September 2009; 1:44p.m.
This post took me 3 days to complete.